Unleashed.TV Case Study.

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Unleashed.tv is content subscription site, and the online home of All 4 Adventure, a popular 4WD / Off-road adventure TV series on that has been airing on Channel Ten for 10 years.

As well as having the TV shows it has content made specifically for the platform and boasts over 140 hours of adventure TV and 14,000(ish) active subscribers each month.

*Note: this project has been designed but is still in development.

  • My Role

    • UX / UI Design
    • Development Management

    The site originally launched in 2016 had grown significantly since the early days and their extensive library of content had grown to the point that we needed to re-organize and design how subscribers accessed it.

    The Library’s home page had simply listed all the episodes on one page and had now become too long and cumbersome especially for users that watch it via a web browser on their TV.

    The solution was to provide a top level overview of the content by re-organizing the content by series presented by Netflix style posters/cards and allowing subscribers to sort by release date (often requested by users) or alphabetical order.

  • Mobile First

    A review of the the Google Analytics for the previous 4 years of the site showed the majority of the traffic came from mobile devices. Part of this was due to that fact that the site didnt have any native smart TV apps so subscribers were streaming the content from their phone to their TV.

  • Desktop

    The site still had its fair share of desktop users and more importantly those that viewed the content via their web browser on their smart TV.

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