Case Study: Sime Darby’s digital transformation of Hastings Deering.

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S0 – Introduction to the thing

In late 2021 Sime Darby Industrial conducted a 3 month discovery period for it’s Australian Caterpillar dealership Hastings Deering.

This involved conducting interviews and focus groups with Hastings Deering customers throughout the Queensland and Northern Territory to better understand their business and their experiences dealing with Hastings Deering.

The findings from this discovery period informed the product roadmap for the next 2 to 3 years, resulting in the new customer app HD360.

Key findings

  1. Customer service was very poor and wait times on phone for support was a huge source of frustration.
  2. Customers had little to no visibility on things like the credit status, invoices and delivery timeframes for machine and parts orders.
  3. The Customer portal was web only and primitive but modern standards and almost none of their customers were using it.

The mandate for HD360 was to create a self-serve experience for the customer to alleviate an over reliance on phone support often resulting in long and frustrating phone calls to customers service.

My Role

March 2022 to present

I am a Senior product Designer and the design lead on a cross-functional agile squad that focuses on the Hastings Deering’s Customer Portal project HD360.

Key Responsibilities

  • Customer research
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Stakeholders Engagement

S2 – Research

Every new feature we do starts with a discovery phase, my role is to engage with both customers and subject matter experts within the business to better understand the problem and create design lead solutions.

This involves facilitation of workshops, 1:1 interviews with customers and stakeholders and data analysis.

S3 – UX / UI

Design phase
User flows
User journey maps
UI Design

S4 – Post launch optimisation

Post launch customer engagement

S5 – Feature highlight

Parts Tracker

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