Rumble’s Quest Case Study.

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Rumble’s Quest is a robust and reliable measure of social and emotional wellbeing for primary school children. It is one part iPad game and one part reporting application.

My Role

  • Research & Planning
  • UX / UI Design Lead
  • Project scoping
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Development management
  • Budget management
  • Video Content producing


  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Illustrator
    • Photoshop
  • Trello
  • TeamGantt
  • Slack
  • Google Docs

App Tech Stack

  • Front-end Framework: Angular.js
  • Backend Framework: Laravel
  • Reporting Graphs: HighCharts
  • Hosting: AWS EC2 Private Server
  • Repo: GitHub
  • Deployment: LaravelForge
  • Background

    The Rumbles Quest game was developed by RealWell, an initiative of Griffith University. It is designed to measure childhood wellbeing in primary school aged children ages 6 to 12.

    The games asks the students a series of multi-choice questions on a 5 point sale, at the end of the game the data is packaged and sent to the server for the purposes of reporting.

    The game had already developed prior to my engagement but they needed a web application to receive the data from the game and present it for reporting in a dashboard.


    Features & Solution

    • Data Visualization
    • Report Generation
    • User Management
    • eCommerce Licensing System

    As the game had no direct integration with the server we had to find a way for the data to be associated with the correct child and their school. As some students were as young as 6 it wasn’t practical to created usernames and passwords for each child and strict privacy laws around child data ruled that out anyway.

    The concept of Quest Blocks and Quest Keys was created, this fit with the theme of the game, each school had their own Quest Keys that they could provide to the student to use to enter the game.

  • The research professors from Griffith University used evidence based data to create complex formulas to represent the raw scores from the game. I worked closely with the product owner to ensure the graph designs represented the intention of the data.

  • Aggregated Reporting

    12 months after the initial rollout of the project, education departments wanted to see the activity and data of the school in their jurisdiction.

    I was tasked with designing an ‘department level’ dashboard that aggregated the data and activity of Rumbles Quest across all the schools in a specific department.

  • Deployment

    Rumble’s Quest has been succesfully deployed into school across 5 different states with the support of their state level departments including:

    • Queensland Department of Education
    • New South Wales Department of Education
    • Department of Education Tasmania
    • Department of Education Western Australia
    • The Department of Education and Training Victoria
    • Catholic Education Queensland
    • Catholic Education Tasmania


    Marketing Website

    As part of the roll out for Rumbles Quest, I was asked to create a website to promote the app under the Realwell brand.

    The purpose is to provide information & resources for Rumbles Quest as well as provide information about RealWell.

    For more information about the project:

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